Cartoon Apps - Make Your Own Animation

Can you have your cake and eat it too? Can you create incredibly professional animation with a platform that even a Fluffy dog ​​can master?

and he! You can move personal transformation and singing "Baby Got Back" in 6 steps.

This is how:

1. Choose a very easy to use automatic animation program.

Logic dictates that if you start with a difficult and complex program, then your journey to animation will be difficult and complex. So choose from the first moment and you will have an easy journey.

Fortunately, technological developments have produced a new era of ultra-easy and automated animation creation software. This means that there are no longer time-consuming technological programs. No more spending a few days learning software. No more to create animations from scratch. The world works in instant gratification, and the platform it can bring you is what you need.

TECH21 is the instant gratification of the cartoon world. Don't get me wrong, programs like Toon Boom and Photoshop are great, but they're not easy to use and not that fast to learn.

2. Write your goal in a sentence.

Once you've chosen the easiest animation program on Earth, you can jump right into it. First, define the purpose of your animation. Are you creating an ad, short movie, biography, or commercial show? What is the purpose of your animation? Write it in a sentence now.

3. Time script!

Moving Man with Positive Quote Now that you know your goal, you must complete magic words in your text. We have an amazing tutorial on powerful text writing, but if you want a quick fix, here are the top 3

A. Pull them out: "I knew I was a good father the day my daughter brought a fish for her first." Hey, start a ritual curiosity prayer, or play with feelings.

B. Insert yourself: At some point in the script, enter your company, product or yourself. Iris Quinn? Are you someone I trust or are you a source of entertainment?

C. End with an explosion: whether it is a call-to-action or thanks, or a powerful life lesson, your animation should end with a punch.

4. Choose your characters from a group of ready-made characters.

Different animated characters Have you heard about the paradox of choice? It is a psychological phenomenon that occurs when people are offered many options. Instead of being enthusiastic about many different options, the opposite is true. People feel fatigued and frustrated, resulting in paralysis and hesitation.

When it comes to animation, there are a lot of subtle nanoscale details that can make your brain become overloaded, aaaaarghhh! Do you really need to look at the computer screen, adjust pixels, choose from 50 shades of gray, or fix a body part fabric? Not! It's much easier and much faster to choose from a group of pre-designed characters and then customize them to look and move the way you want them. Choose a program that allows you to do this; You show the caricatures of its boss!

5. Tone settings

Should your characters be stupid and dumb, behind a block of rainbow fields and flying bubbles? Or do you want to get profiles for business suits and dangerous urban prospects? Hey, you may not even know which style or characters will work best until you implement it. So try them out, the right program should allow you to test different characters, symbols and scenes with one click of the mouse.

6. Add your voiceover / music

Animated character with a quote saying "Make my voice great" has reached the last and final step; Adding sound! It's time to bring your animation to life. Would you list your text or add some stunning background strokes (or maybe both)? If you choose to record an audio comment, hold a cup of water and a microphone, wipe your throat, and start talking. Your platform must have a free recording tool and music library at your fingertips (tooltip, thanks, ). However, if you do not have recording tools on your platform or if you want to use an audio piece from an existing recording, download Audacity. It is a great software tool for recording clean audio comments and exporting them as different files.

Or ... you can get rid of the voiceover. If your animation contains speech bubbles or does a great job of telling your story visually, just add the music. Download your favorite songs and let Beyoncé or Frank Sinatra do the work for you!

7. You have finished.

Yes, I am serious, congratulate yourself. I just added this last step, because it's really fun to cross out things from the charts.

There you go, you've made your animation in 6 steps! Animation creation technology has come a long way. The new automation program now gives everyone, including you and me, the chance to become our own animator! So, take advantage of the era of instant gratification. Go ahead and make your own animation for free ... before your dog wins!